Impact Story 2018


United We Fight.

Jill* was a young mom with a newborn baby, struggling through severe mental illness affecting her family, her job, and her own well-being. Jill's condition became so debilitating that she was unable to complete even the simplest of tasks, let alone take care of her baby girl.

For over two years, Jill's mental illness was unrelenting. When it became unsafe for her to be in her own home, she spent time in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Understandably, this was a very difficult time for Jill and her family. Something had to change, and she clearly needed help.


United We Win. 

Through the help of United Way funded program Psychiatric Services at Iroquois Mental Center, Jill's life has taken a turn for the better! The care she received from the psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists at IMHC allowed Jill to get her sympotoms under control and return to her life at home. 

Today, Jill is thriving! She now proudly takes care of her little girl and is healthy and stable enough to re-enter the workforce. The effort put forth by Jill, IMHC, and United Way funding made an incredible impact.


Jill and thousands of others across Kankakee & Iroquois Counties receive life-changing services from partners like Iroquois Mental Health Center, who receive the support of United Way! Your gift makes an impact.

United We Fight. United We Win. Join us by making your gift today!