Employee Campaign Coordinators


Thank You! 

You are essential to the success of our Annual Campaign. Without you, we could not provide the critical funds needed in our fight to improve the health, education, and financial stability of Kankakee and Iroquois Counties' residents. 

We stand united in the belief that each of us has a stake in the success of our community. United, we can ensure our community thrives. Whether this is your first time as an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) or you are a seasoned veteran, we are here to help you have a successful campaign from start to finish. 

On behalf of the people served in our community, we thank you for coordinating your 2021 workplace giving campaign. 


2021 Workplace Campaign - Steps to Success 

Pro Tip!   Use the 2021 Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide for a checklist of key tasks that you can set a timeline for. 

Step 1: Prepare 

  • Determine how you will hold your campaign - paper forms, Donorbox, or a hybrid method. 

  • Donorbox is a great way to simplify your campaign. It is especially helpful if you have employees in multiple sites or working remotely. Connect with our team to learn more. 

  • Select your campaign dates.

  • Set your Campaign Goal. 

Step 2: Build a Communication Plan 

  • Browse the Resource Library (below) and determine which tools you will use. 

  • Arrange for our United Way campaign chair to come visit your staff. 

  • Determine multiple ways you can reach your employees - email, Intranet, Yammer/Slack/Workplace postings, posters, etc. 

  • Consider hosting a Kickoff event or other special events. 

    • Looking for a COVID friendly option? Consider a “pop-up” event! Decorate your breakroom with streamers, offer individually packaged snacks, and provide United Way informational brochures and pledge forms. 

  • Will you utilize any incentives or prizes? 

  • Go over your plan with your United Way staff liaison!

Step 3: Execute Your Plan! 

  • Communicate with employees at least four times - on launch day, mid-campaign, a final push and (of course) a closing Thank You message. 

  • Provide updates on Campaign progress and celebrate milestones. 

  • Contact United Way with any concerns or for assistance. 


Resource Library 

Don’t see a resource you are looking for? Contact our team! 

Key Campaign Tools 


Campaign Video Library 

Watch Our Community Investment Testamonials

Click to view and share video testamonials from our 2021-2022 Impact Partners!

  • Stay tuned for our upcoming 2022-2023 campaign video...


Digital Engagement

Reaching your employees virtually can be easy! Explore key content in the Workplace Campaign Toolkit below. Download individual portions of the Toolkit using the Table of Contents menu directly below. 

Workplace Campaign Toolkit Download

Toolkit Table of Contents: 

  • COMMUNITY IMPACT STRATEGY MAP - Understand why United Way chooses to invest in the programs, initiatives, and agencies that we do. All decisions are based on community-specific data. 

  • COMMUNITY IMPACT FLIERS - Take a glance at the ROI when you invest in United Way. 

  • BROCHURE – A quick snapshot of the data that drives our decisions, the impact we have on the community, and opportunities available for you to get involved in.

  • THANK YOU FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - United Way is only able to impact our community because of the generosity of our donors. Share this thank you letter with previous year's donors before you kick-off your 2021-2022 Campaign.

  • PRINTABLE PLEDGE FORM - A new and improved way for individuals to invest in United Way. More freedom to choose where your dollars go through our expanded designation options.

  • EMAIL SEQUENCE - Plug in your company-specific information and stay on top of the communication between you and your employees throughout your United Way Workplace Campaign.

  • 2021 IMPACT REPORT - See how your support in the past year made a lasting impact on Kankakee and Iroquois Counties!


Easy-to-Share Resources 

Grab people's attention with these informational documents or videos. The PDF format allows you to print or share via email attachment. 

Printable Posters


Promotional Items

Live United t-shirts and other giveaway items may be available as incentives. Contact your United Way staff liaison in advance to secure any materials needed.