Our Story

United Way fights for the education, health, and financial stability of every person in Kankakee and Iroquois Counties.

About Us

Through our extensive network of multi-sector partners, we address issues around health equity, early childhood development and economic mobility. We mobilize the caring power of Kankakee & Iroquois Counties by:
  • investing in over 40 partner agency programs
  • convening key collaborative networks such as the Success By 6 coalition
  • focusing on neighborhood-level engagement and direct impact through the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative
  • raising awareness of community needs and aspirations by sharing important community-level data.
Through these collective efforts, 1 in 4 local residents receive support from United Way funded programs. 

Our Vision

Our vision is that Kankakee & Iroquois Counties will be a community where children and families thrive, neighbors care for each other and residents are proud to call Kankakee and Iroquois County home.





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